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A blind high school graduate in Shanghai has become the talk of the town after scoring 623 points at this year"s college entrance examination.?

Wang Yun scored 127 points for Chinese literature, 145 for math and 144 for English. He also achieved high scores in chemistry, history and biology.?

His result is just 37 points short of a perfect score.?

Wang, a senior student at the Shanghai School for Blind Children, is expected to be recruited by a top Chinese university because of his excellent academic performance, according to a report by Xinmin Evening News.?

The report said that the teenager is likely to be enrolled in East China Normal University, Shanghai Normal University or Shanghai Polytechnic University – three Shanghai-based universities that accept blind students.?

Wang suffered retinal detachment due to premature birth and excessive oxygen uptake and became blind at an early age. But the physical defect did not stop him from striving hard in school.?

His parents, both teachers at Donghua University, sent him to the school for blind children where he has excelled in his studies as well as sports.?

The only difference between Wang"s exam and the one undertaken by other students was that his was adapted into Braille.