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Global Think Tanks Forum 2018 releases the Chengdu Consensus in Chengdu, Southwest China"s Sichuan province, Nov 23, 2018. [Photo/]

Solidarity, mutual help, equity and justice are the key values of global governance while inclusiveness, benefits for all and win-win results are its important goals, according to the Chengdu Consensus of Global Think Tanks Forum 2018.

The two-day Global Think Tanks Forum 2018, hosted by China International Publishing Group and the government of Chengdu, closed on Friday in Sichuan province.

Some 120 participants from 18 countries had shared insights under the theme "cooperation and development of think tanks and innovation in global governance," endorsing the Chengdu Consensus of the Global Think Tanks Forum 2018.

In today"s world, the interests of all countries are closely intertwined. Only through greater openness and connectivity and strengthened cooperation can countries pull together in times of trouble and tackle challenges with concerted efforts, the consensus said.

Strengthening rules-based global governance is an essential prerequisite for the stability and development of the world. Countries, irrespective of their size, strength and wealth, should be able to participate in rules-based global governance and decision-making, enjoy their rights and fulfill their obligations, it said.

To live a happy life is the common aspiration of people of all countries. Countries in the world should give full play to their comparative advantages, and on that basis, join hands to address the risks and challenges faced by all of humanity, the consensus said.

Collective efforts should be made to implement the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, reduce imbalances in global development, and realize inclusive development so that economic globalization can be geared toward greater openness, inclusiveness, balance and benefits for all, and that the fruits of economic globalization and world economic growth can be shared by people around the world, it said.

The consensus said that extensive consultation, joint efforts and keeping up with the times are the fundamental approaches to global governance.

Global governance is for everyone, so it shall be undertaken through extensive consultation, not in a might-is-right way. International organizations such as the United Nations are major institutions dealing with international affairs and promoting global governance, which requires the participation of more countries and the increase of representation and voice of developing countries, it said.

Enhancing exchanges and cooperation among think tanks is a major driving force for global governance, according to the consensus.

The international community has increasingly called for global governance innovation, which requires all countries to build on their existing consensus, increase communication, enhance mutual trust, seek common ground while reserving differences and reach more consensuses, so as to form a virtuous cycle of global governance practices.

Think tanks of all countries shall leverage their advantages in pooling wisdom, follow the principle of "seeking cooperation despite differences", conduct more research on cultural and religious issues, pioneer all-around, multilayered approaches to think tank cooperation, and contribute more pragmatic and effective policy proposals, the consensus said.

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